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The Full Story

About Our School

OJ Neighbours Elementary houses the 1st through 4th grades in the Wabash City Schools Corporation, and has an average yearly enrollment of 400 students.



OJN Was built in 1964 and was named for Owen Jones Neighbours, a former high school principal and superintendent of Wabash City Schools for 35 years. The building underwent a major reconstruction project in 1993 that tripled its size by adding two wings, making it 86,000 square feet.

More History!

OJN has many unique facets. It resides on approximately 15 acres on the north side of Wabash and has a wooded area known as the David F. Sodervick Outdoor Education Area, named for the former principal who created the area. In this area, one can find an authentic Native American Village, a working windmill, a pioneer village, homestead, a pond, and a corncrib.

OJN houses many different programs to aid in the growth and development of all students. Along with our first through fourth grade classes. OJN has programs to meet various learner needs. Programs for high ability students, students with disabilities, and students who are identified as at-risk are available.

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