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Mision, Vision, and Collective Commitments


Our School's Mission

OJ Neighbours' mission is to provide a safe environment for all students to learn at their level with relevant and rigorous curricular opportunities to prepare them for the next level of their education on their path to college and career readiness.

Our School's Vision

OJ Neighbours will strive to provide a safe environment that enables all students to be successful learners in a culture which celebrates diversity, promotes a positive mindset, and creates an inclusive atmosphere where all students will become lifelong, well-rounded learners who are adequately prepared to be successful in their future.


Our School's Collective Committments

The staff at OJ Neighbours is committed to being faithful stewards who work in a collaborative manner in order to educate the whole child with fidelity both academically and socially and remain advocates for our students as they continue in their journey beyond their time at Wabash City Schools. 

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